Why Does a Consultative Sales Process Work?

Your company offers a service, something that you can’t take a picture of.

Imagine being your prospect and getting phone calls from a sales person who doesn’t know your industry, your specific challenges and all they do is talk about their great service offering. Do you think you will buy from them? Most likely not…………

To me it’s almost like dating. You are a guy at a bar and there is tons of girls around you. You proceed to walk up to every single girl with the same pick-up line. Do you think you will be successful? Maybe at the end of the line you will wear one of them down, but you certainly won’t take the girl home you had an eye on the entire evening.

The same scenario is true for sales. If you don’t have an ideal prospect profile and you are just having sales people doing the “dialing for dollars”, your success rate will be fairly low.

A consultative sales process is designed to develop an ideal client profile for your unique service offering, tailoring the outreach to be specific, targeted and focused.

How is a consultative sales process different?

Your prospects will feel chosen and special. In an ideal setting, you will hire the sales people best suited for a consultative sales approach, generally the ones you would rather listen than talk. Don’t forget, your prospects are humans and they act and react in a human way. Just like dating, if you feel chosen and the person who reaches out to you gives you the feeling that you have thought about them, their industry and their challenges you will be able to build trust and trust is necessary to succeed in sales.

How will your business benefit?

Once you have developed a sustainable, consultative sales process (which needs to be embraced by your entire company, top down) you can focus on developing marketing materials, events to build a healthy client base. Your team will be happy because they have a proven method that they can follow. Your company will grow as a result and most importantly, your prospects will get a good impression and they will refer your company to other people. That’s really when you know that things are working………

What entails a consultative sales approach? Are your clients H I D D E N from you? No worries. We will work through the process outlined below to build a successful and sustainable process that will ensure that you continuously market to your prospects and your company and service offering are top-of-mind whenever a need arises.